Mitho Nepalese Cuisine with Hungry Buddha

cropped-untitled1.pngOne of the best ways to represent the regions or country lifestyle is food. The pattern of food and features of the food helps to connect the same group of people.  The different cuisines from different world are very famous for its taste and it represents the culture of the country. The best example is Nepalese cuisine. It is one of the best cuisines in the world. It represents the cultural value of Nepalese society and lifestyle of the people through it exotic flavors and fascinating taste.

The Nepalese cuisine originated from the flavors of India, Tibetan and Thai. The Nepali food menu has lentil as a common edible food. Even though it is common but it served in different ways throughout the Nepal. Often the lentils served with spicy curry. Another traditional and unique food in the Nepalese cuisine is dhindo. It is the mixture of the buckwheat and corn flour.


The Hungry Buddha is one of the famous Nepalese restaurants in Canberra. In the Hungry Buddha, Nepalese cuisine cooked as an original and fresh taste of homemade flavors in Nepal. The famous food in Hungry Buddha is traditional Nepal meals with different variety of flavors. It called as a Nepali mukhyabhojan. It has the exotic flavors which will make you heart filling too.

The food is always considered as one of the important factor and sentimental ways to connect the different people with different thoughts. The Hungry Buddha gives the best Nepalese food and it always helps to connect the people with different cultures and thoughts.


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