Enjoy the Taste of Nepali Cuisine in Canberra

If you have come to enjoy the beauty of grace of Australia during your vacation, then you are definitely at the right place. The country is well known for its natural beauty and various tourist attractions along with shopping malls. If you prefer enjoying Nepali dishes in Australia, then it will be a bit difficult to find them out there.


Opening of a Nepali Restaurant in Canberra

Earlier tourists like you were supposed to hunt for long and purchase selective items at high cost. But now onwards, you will not at all face any such problem as we have recently opened a Nepali restaurant in Canberra for our welcoming guests. You can now easily enjoy preparing and eating of delicious Nepali dishes.

Our restaurant comprises of a huge inventory of recipes that mainly comprise of mutton, fish, chicken and pork dishes from here you may select the one of your own choice. Even we provide a lot of vegetarian dishes as well so that our vegetarian guests can enjoy the taste of Nepal even after coming out of their hometown.

Enjoy the Grace of Dashain in Australia

We prepare the basic along with delicious and mouthwatering dishes with the help a wide variety of spices and herbs. The herbs we include are mainly included in a royal Nepali cuisine, and are naturally grown. If you come in the month of October, you may enjoy the grace of Dashain. We prepare a plethora of mouthwatering dishes so that you can enjoy the festive season outside Nepal.

We also provide tasty and healthy Newari and Thakali food items along with Nepali dishes. So, come and enjoy the taste of Nepali dishes at an affordable rate!


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